Exhibitions 2021-2022

The autumn exhibition during

 the Culture Night/ Kulturnatten i Norrköping, Sweden 

23-24 september 2022

The latest paintings in acrylics and watercolours.
Adress: Olai Kyrkogata 15 A

The spring exhibition in Sweden, Norrköping.

Just one day, the 20th April, 2022. 

You are most welcome!


16 - 23 December, 2021

M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

International Mixed Reality Art Exhibition


Why are we moved to create art? Why do we sometimes get the impression that an artwork is silently observing the inside of ourselves? We perceive energy within the brushstrokes, between the reliefs determined by the color lying on the canvas. We sense mystery in the artist's hand and in his rhythmic gestures. There is self-sacrifice to tell what is hidden behind the opaque surface of the shaped material